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Volunteer Ministry



Volunteer Ministry

Volunteer to serve the Delta     
Come and volunteer and get on our calendar! 
Individuals, church groups and couples are welcome!
Dewayne Davis, Volunteer Manager


Mission Statement
The Volunteer Ministry coordinates volunteers to use their skills, witness and positive influence to promote the vision and mission of Cary Christian Center.


Due to the high number of houses in serious need of repair in the surrounding Mississippi Delta, this ministry serves community members who need and request work done on their homes.  The ministry is made possible by hundreds of volunteers from all areas of the country who come to donate their time, skills, and labor for community home repair projects and other Center job needs.  

Special Skills, activities, or professions that can offer exposure and interactive learning for children, youth, or adults are welcome!

To Qualify for Services
Homeowners must go through a housing repair application process.  Applications are reviewed and evaluated for approval based on income, living situation, physical state of home, and the level of need.


Homeowners are required to pay for the cost of materials with a possible discount, and a commitment by at least one of the home's occupants, when physically able, to work side by side with Cary Christian Center 's volunteers.  


Other Volunteer Projects
Volunteers are also involved in various other projects including assistance in the Parent Child Ministry and The Village, assisting in the Thrift Stores, making improvements to our buildings and grounds, and a multitude of other projects, in and around the Center and community.  Many supporters who have never been to Cary provide wonderful help to the ministry by making quilts and baby things for the Parent Child Ministry, rounding up and sending supplies and resources, donating goods to the Thrift Stores and helping with the  collection and trucking of those goods.


On-Site Lodging Facilities
The Center has on-site lodging for volunteers, including four fully furnished apartments, dormitory facilities for groups.   Volunteers are asked to make a donation to cover the Center's cost to provide these facilities and for project building materials.  The apartments have a living room, a queen-sized bed, well-equipped kitchen, and bathroom.


The dormitory facilities have a large living area, a well-equipped double kitchen and dining area, and two separate sleeping areas with bunks they sleep 35 occupants per area (each with their own bathrooms).


RV Sites  
The RV Sites have 10 full hookup concrete pads, 20-30-50 Amp electrical hookups with water and sewer hookups.

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