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Our Work

Cary Christian Center engages in three main ministries, which each have their unique sub-ministries, all working towards transforming our world and alleviating poverty through building impactful relationships. 





Treasure Chest Thrift Store

The Treasure Trove thrift store is owned and operated by Cary Christian Center. It serves to provide affordable clothes, furniture, and etc. to those who need it most. 


Parent Child ministry

The Parent Child Ministry is designed to help mothers garner the knowledge needed to nurture their families into healhty lives according to the Word of God. 

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Education and outreach

The education and outreach portion of our ministry takes place in what we like to call "The Village." The Village is a afterschool program for kids that seeks to cause children and youth to excel spiritually, academically, and socially.


Volunteer Ministry 

The Volunteer Ministry is where we welcome anyone who would like to be apart of the great work we do here at Cary Christian Center. 

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Food Pantry 

The hope of our Food Pantry is to eliminate hunger in our elderly and disabled residents in need by providing food, promoting the value of nutrition, increasing self-sufficiency, and instilling hope.

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