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  Contributions, whether financial, physical, or material, are used to save and change lives in a measurable way.  Every blessing we receive represents a life saved or changed.

You can donate monetarily to Cary Christian Center both online and with checks mailed to our physical address. Online we accept all card types through our Paypal portal found below. We also have a planned giving partner in the Barnabas Foundation. Lastly, You can also donate goods to our thrift store.

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Online Giving

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Our Paypal Portal

Click the button below:

Online Contributions can be made from a PayPal Account or Major Credit Card Account.

Please include in the "Purpose" field which ministry you would like your donation applied: General, Parent-Child Ministry, Volunteer Ministry, The Village (Children and Youth), Dental Clinic, or Thrift Store.

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Planned Giving

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The Barnabas Foundation

The Barnabas Foundation makes it possible for individuals and families to discuss estate planning from a Christian perspective. It may surprise you that many assets may be more tax-efficient to give than cash.

Consider gifts of Stock, Life Insurance, Real Estate, Grain, Business Interests, Tangible Personal Property. To find out more about the benefits of this kind of giving please call 1-888-448-3040 or visit the link below.


Other Ways to Give

Unite Way Giving 

When you give to United Way, your contribution helps foster both individual and collective success. Learn how you can help us strengthen your community, and many other communities around the world.

Donating Goods

Our Thrift Store

You can send new or used goods for sale in our thrift store.
Click the link below to get in contact with our store.